Avi Granite's Verse

Ralph Alessi trumpet
Avi Granite guitar
Jerry DeVore bass
Owen Howard drums

" once intimate and spacious, a cocoon of enveloping musical passages and revelatory compositional turns. Granite and trumpeter Ralph Alessi nudge and prod their improvisations into glorious flight. Rewarding, and highly recommended."
- Guitar Aficionado Magazine

" * * * * " - Stereophile Magazine

"Granite displays a maturity and clarity of vision..."
- Michael Roberts Jazziz magazine

"Granite has a gorgeous, clear, intimate sound... Snow Umbrellas is rewardingly listenable"
- Glen Hall Exclaim Magazine

"...a genuinely contemporary sound, moving from pensive introspection to moments of wonder..."
- Stuart Broomer The Wholenote Magazine

"... add Avi Granite to your list of players who deserve wider recognition."
- Chris Robinson



    New York guitarist and composer Avi Granite releases his 3rd CD as a leader (first release since moving to NYC) Avi Granite's Verse - Snow Umbrellas for Pet Mantis Records (PMR008). The debut release of Verse features a new body of work composed for this New York quartet. Granite's most recent efforts includes "Avi Granite: 6 - Red Tree" which received critical acclaim including a 4 star review in Downbeat Magazine and honors at The Montreal International Jazz Festival (Rising Star).  



Album art by: Stephen Holding
Engineered by: Drew Guido
Mastered by: Allan Tucker






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